Nirajan Dhakal

Nirajan Dhakal, PhD, MSc from Nepal has a PhD degree (November 2017) in the field of desalination and membrane technology. He has university degree in degrees in Civil Engineering (2002) and two master degrees: in Water Supply Engineering (2011), and in Regional Development Planning and Management. He has worked as Civil Engineer and as WASH (Water Supply and Sanitation Engineer) in various donor funded projects in Nepal for about 5 years. In the last years, he has been extensively involved in the research work in the areas of membrane fouling, scaling, and its control strategies, water quality monitoring in a desalination plants, trouble shooting in both seawater and brackish water desalination plants. His current works includes lecturing and coordination of module courses for MSc in Water Supply Engineering, mentoring MSc, and PhD students, research project acquisitions, involve in the research projects on water quality monitoring, trouble shooting in seawater desalination plants in coordination with Dutch membrane Supplier Company and desalination plants in Middle East countries. He also involves in writing peer review journal articles, presentation of research findings in international conferences. The organization of short course training, capacity building training is also a part of his current job responsibilities.