Jordan: Seawater quality monitoring

IHE Delft under DUPC2 SCARCE project delivered a 4-day training on seawater particulate fouling potential quality monitoring for 5 participants from Jordan University/Marine Science Station (MSS), Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ), and Aqaba Water Company (AWC). This training was held from 9-12 July, 2018 at the facility of Jordan University Marine Science Station in Aqaba, Jordan.

The learning objectives of the training programme were:

– Understand the basic fundamental and tools to monitor particulate fouling in seawater reverse osmosis membrane systems
– Able to measure and calculate silt density index (SDI) and modified fouling index (MFI0.45) and modified fouling index ultrafiltration (MFI-UF10kDa) of seawater
– Able to install and uninstall the equipment and software needed for the measurement of  fouling parameters
– Collect seawater samples at different depths of seawater and measure SDI, MFI0.45, and MFI-UF10kDa
– Monitor the performance of pre-treatment in the Kemapco desalination plant with regard to particulate fouling
– Prepare a 6 months seawater quality monitoring plan.

The training was provided by Dr. Nirajan Dhakal. The local partners are: Dr. Tareq Al-Najjar, Dr. Mohammed Wahsha, Muna Gharaibeh, MSc.