Short course on Experimental Methods in Desalination and Membrane Technology

This two week course covers the fundamentals of membrane-based desalination and the experimental and analytical methods for water quality characterization applied in desalination and membrane technology processes for producing drinking and industrial water and water for irrigation.

Course coordinator: Sergio Salinas, PhD, MSc

Course description link here.

Learning objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:

  1. To explain the fundamentals of membrane-based desalination.
  2. To explain the fundamentals and main methodological steps involved in the preparation and conduction of experimental methods applied to assess fouling and scaling in desalination and water treatment systems.
  3. To design and conduct experimental methods to assess the fouling and scaling potential of water along a treatment process.
  4. To critically analyze and discuss data and results obtained from experimental methods to assess the fouling and scaling potential in treatment systems.
  5. To evaluate the process performance and characteristics of drinking water treatment processes including desalination.