PhD programme

The group of desalination performs research in the following areas:

  • Water Quality Methods: development of water quality methods to assess & monitor the fouling & scaling potential of sea, brackish, and wastewater (SDI, MFI, TEP, ATP/AOC, BRP, phosphate, etc.), pre-treatment efficiency and RO system design.
  • Modelling: development of models to predict fouling & scaling in RO systems & removal of priority substances (OMP).
  • Pre-treatment: development of new technologies to minimize the use of chemicals (coagulants, antiscalants, cleaning agents) in combination with MF & UF for direct treatment of seawater, surface water & wastewater.
  • Post-treatment: development of Environmental Impact Approaches and DSS for concentrate disposal in RO plants; minimizing the use of chemicals for re-mineralization processes.

Information about IHE Delft’s International Graduate School for Water and Development is provided in this link. Information about the PhD programme here.

Interested in doing research with our group? All our PhD vacancies are advertised at IHE Delft’s website. Vacancies are open when funding is available.
Please contact us: (s [dot] salinas [at] un-ihe [dot] org).