Jordan: Design and operation of seawater reverse osmosis plants

In the framework of the desalination component of the SCARCE project a expert training was conducted of 25 water professionals of Jordan from various key institutions in the country: Water Authority of Jordan, University of Jordan  / Marine Science Station, Jordan Valley Authority, Kemapco, Aqaba Water Company, and AquaTreat.  The topic of the training design and operation of seawater reverse osmosis plants. This course will be followed up by another two trainings on seawater quality monitoring.

The training consisted of theory, case studies, design of reverse osmosis systems, monitoring of water quality and a visit to the first seawater desalination plant in Jordan operated by Kemapco.

Aqaba is the location of the coming desalination plant for the Red-Dead Sea project funded by the World Bank.

The training will prepare Jordanian engineers for future seawater desalination activities in the country.

Sponsor: DUPC2
Location: Aqaba, Jordan
Duration: March 13-17, 2017
Partners: Dr. Tareq Al-Najjar (UJ/MSS), Muna Gharaibeh, MSc (WAJ)
IHE Staff in charge of the training: Dr. Maria Kennedy, Dr. Sergio Salinas