Cuba: TMT Seawater as an infinite water source to cope with water scarcity

The tailor made training (TMT) requested by the Instituto Nacional de Recursos Hidráulicos (INRH) was successfully implemented with the participation of 20 water engineers from Cuba. The title of the TMT was “Seawater as an infinite water source to cope with water scarcity and sanitation: desalination, reuse and direct use.”

The training was expected to build sufficient knowledge and capacity for engineers to conduct pre-feasibility analyses and designs to assist space planners and decision-makers of INRH and other ministries and governmental organizations to select appropriate (i) membrane technologies for seawater desalination, (ii) advance wastewater treatment technologies for reuse, and (iii) suitable infrastructure to support the direct use of saline and brackish water in urban environments for sanitation and other non-potable uses given the prevailing local conditions. Ultimately, they will contribute to increase the water availability in Cuba, providing sufficient and safe drinking water supply and sanitation to support the day-a-day activities of the population, and also supporting key economic activities for Cuba like food production but also the tourism sector.

Sponsor: NUFFIC
Requesting organization: Instituto Nacional de Recursos Hidráulicos (INRH)
Local partner: Dr. Orestes Gonzalez (CUJAE)
Location: Varadero, Cuba.
Duration: March 13-20, 2016
IHE Staff: Dr. Carlos Lopez,  Dr. Sergio Salinas