AWWA: Natural organic matter characterization

Research project in cooperation with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) for organic matter characterization of seawater and brackish water, and pre-treatment evaluation with respect to foulant removal.

See: Schneider, O., Weinrich, L., Giraldo, E., Kennedy, M.D., & Salinas Rodriguez, S.G. (2012). Investigation of Organic Matter Removal in Saline Waters by Pretreatment (Web Report #4280): Water Research Foundation.

Sponsor: AWWA.
Duration: 2009-2010.
Budget: 25k dollars.
IHE staff: Gary Amy, Sergio Salinas, Maria Kennedy


EU fp6-MEDINA: Membrane based desalination – An integrated approach

13 European and international partners representing industry and academia. The project aimed to develop advanced analytical methods for sea water characterization, enhance the recovery, reduce the unit cost and minimize brine disposal in sea water desalination systems.

Duration: 2006-2010
Sponsor: EU fp6 programme (Total: 3.5M euros)
Budget: 420,000 euros
Partners: Veolia Water, University of Calabria, KWR Water, Ben Gurion University, University of Poitiers, University of Toulouse, Banyuls oceanographic laboratory
Staff: Gary Amy, Maria Kennedy
PhD student: Sergio Salinas



Research project to achieve practical breakthroughs in technological solutions for drinking water supply using n integrated approach, in close cooperation with the water sector, technology providers and the international scientific community. Over thirty international partners participate in the project.

Donor: EU fp6 programme
Duration: 2006-2010
IHE staff: Gary Amy, Maria Kennedy
PhD student: Victor Yangali