Bolivia: Capacity development of the water and sanitation sector


IHE Delft and the Ministry of Water and Environment of Bolivia signed an Memorandum of Understanding considering the following aims: Creation of a Centre of Excellence in Water and Sanitation (CEAM), collaboration in research, and capacity building in the fields of water supply and sanitation, water hazard and risk management, irrigation and water resource management. As part of the occasion master classes in the topics of sanitation and groundwater treatment were provided in three cities of Bolivia: La Paz, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz. In addition, the IHE Delft experts visited a drinking water treatment plant in La Paz and a wastewater treatment plant in Cochabamba.

Sponsor: Ministry of Environment and Water of Bolivia (MMAyA).
Location: La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
Duration: July 16-21, 2016
Partners: Lic. Alexandra Moreira (Minister MMAyA), Lic. Sergio Arispe (Director SENASBA)
IHE Staff: Dr. Tineke Hooijmans, Dr. Branislav PetrusevskiDr. Sergio Salinas