Vacuum multi-stage membrane distillation: Scaling control

Vacuum multi-stage membrane distillation (vMsMD) – Controlling scaling and organic/biological fouling during operation with North Sea water

Sponsor: AQUAVER (Netherlands).
Budget: 33k euros.
Duration: 2012-2013.
IHE staff: Maria Kennedy, Sergio Salinas, Jan Schippers
Research fellow: Nirajan Dhakal

IHE Delft: Top research center for Desalination

Water Desalination Report (WDR) conducted a survey of universities that are most active in desal-related research.

(UNESCO-) IHE Delft was listed as one of the top 10 academic desalination research centers in the world according to Water Desalination Report, 2013.

Bolivia: Refresher Seminar on Small Water Supply and Sanitation


The refresher course ” Small Water Supply and Sanitation: Serving the disadvantaged communities in semi-urban and rural areas in developing countries” targeted 20 IHE Delft alumni from Central and South American countries and also 5 local professionals. Participants of this course are professionals (from the region) that are involved in Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) for cities, peri-urban, small towns, slum areas and rural areas. This course is aimed at updating their knowledge with state-of-the-art technologies and practices in the field of small WSS and to highlight its potential in the current and future efforts to improve the livelihood of disadvantaged communities.

Recently there has been a resurgence of small-scale and decentralized systems for WSS. A number of innovative, robust, technologies that use locally available resources. They have shown success in terms of providing safe drinking water and acceptable sanitation with considerable improvement in health and environmental impacts. Moreover, new approach of decentralized (local) governance of WSS are believed to play key role in providing sustainable services.

This refresher course discussed new approaches and challenges of emerging systems and it enabled the professionals in these practices update their knowledge and come abreast of the new developments. It also provided a platform/network for sharing experiences of professionals from the Central and South America as well as other regions.

Sponsor: NUFFIC
Budget: 75k euros
Date: 19-24 September, 2011
Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia
IHE staff: Dr. Sergio Salinas, Dr. Mariska Ronteltap
Partners: Fernando Ledezma, Ana Maria Romero


MEDRC: Scaling control in seawater reverse osmosis

Research project to decrease the operational cost of Sea Water RO plants by eliminating/decreasing chemicals used to prevent scaling of calcium carbonate. Safe recovery limits will be determined with and without chemical addition, and the results verified with pilot plant research in the Middle East Desalination Research Centre (MEDRC), Oman.

Donor: MEDRC
Duration: 2007-2011
IHE Staff: Gary Amy, Maria Kennedy, Jan Schippers
PhD student: Tareq Waly