Participation at EDS conference “Desalination for the Environment”

The staff and PhD research fellows of the IHE Delft Desalination group participated in the Conference “Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy. Science, Research, Innovation, Industry, Business” organized by the European Desalination Society. 3–6 September 2018, Athens, Greece.


  1. Panel on Science innovation to industry and business. Dr. Maria Kennedy.


  1. Microbial desalination (MIDES) cells: an innovative solution for low energy drinking water production. Dr. Sergio Salinas.
  2. Role of tight ultrafiltration on reducing fouling potential of SWRO feed water. Dr. Nirajan Dhakal.
  3. Inhibition of CaCO3 scaling by humic substances in a reverse osmosis system treating anaerobic groundwater. Ir. Nasir Mangal.
  4. Development of standard protocol for MFI-UF method to assess particulate fouling in RO systems. Ir. Mohanad Abunada.
  5. Measuring the bacterial growth potential of drinking water after reverse osmosis and remineralization. Ir. Mohaned Sousi.
  6. Monitoring adenosine triphosphate and bacterial regrowth potential along the pre-treatment of a seawater reverse osmosis plant. Ir. Almotasembellah Abushaban.