PhD research

The group of desalination does research in the following areas:

Water Quality Methods: development of water quality methods to assess & monitor the fouling & scaling potential of sea, brackish, and wastewater (SDI, MFI, TEP, ATP/AOC, BRP, phosphate, etc.), pre-treatment efficiency and RO system design.

Modelling: development of models to predict fouling & scaling in RO systems & removal of priority substances (OMP).

Pre-treatment: development of new technologies to minimize the use of chemicals (coagulant) in combination with MF & UF for direct treatment of seawater, surface water & wastewater.

Post-treatment: development of Environmental Impact Approaches and DSS for concentrate disposal in RO plants; minimizing the use of chemicals for re-mineralization processes.

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For information about the PhD programme of IHE, see the following link: PhD info.