Online course on Desalination and Membrane Technology

Course coordinator: Dr. ir. Sergio Salinas


This course provides theoretical and practical knowledge on the design and operation of desalination systems and membrane processes (microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis). Specific topics such as membrane fouling, scaling and cleaning are dealt with in detail, including pre-treatment options and the latest developments in monitoring and controlling fouling.

For whom

Professionals dealing with engineering, management and education in the fields of desalination of seawater and brackish water, water supply and urban infrastructure will benefit greatly from this short course. It is also helpful for post graduate students in civil, chemical, and environmental engineering. Participants from government organisations (such as local administrations and national agencies), non-governmental organisations and the private sector are encouraged to join. This course is ideal for practicing engineers who are working in the water supply systems.

Course content

Desalination: Introduction to desalination and membrane related technologies

Microfiltration/Ultrafiltration: Basic Principles of Ultrafiltration & Microfiltration. MF and UF elements, modules and systems. Membrane Fouling of MF and UF Systems. Membrane Cleaning of MF and UF Systems. Disinfection and MF/UF systems.

Reverse osmosis: Principles of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration, Overview RO / NF membranes and elements. Process design of RO. Fouling and clogging in RO and NF systems. Particulate fouling. Pretreatment in RO systems. Biofouling. Introduction scaling & calculations. Calcium carbonate, LSI and S&DSI. Monitoring, control scaling and anti-scalants. Calculations with software. Manual Calculations for the design of a Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant. Case studies water reuse and membrane systems.

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PhD Defense of Motasem Abushaban

On December 3 at 15:00 at the Aula of the TU Delft, Mr. Motasem Abushaban succesfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled “Assessing bacterial growth potential in seawater reverse osmosis pretreatment”.

The PhD Examination Committee
Signing the PhD diploma by the rector of IHE Delft, rector representative of the TU Delft, the promotor, co-promotor, and the beadle.
Dr. Salinas reading the laudatio

Desalination School in Denia

The Desalination School was organized by IHE Delft and Aqualia. 65 participants from academia, industry, and water utilities participated of the event.

More info:

The event was sponsored by the EU-H2020 MIDES project.

Enjoying the catamaran ride on the Mediterranean sea
Dr. Sergio Salinas, IHE Delft
Prof. Enrico Drioli, ITM-CNR
Prof. Joao Crespo, University of Nova Lisboa
Prof. Julian Blanco, Solar Platform of Almeria
Dr. Juan Manuel Ortiz, IMDEA Water
Dr. Victor Monsalvo, Aqualia

Participation at IDA’s Desalination World Congress 2019

Five research studies were presented at the biennial Desalination World Congress in Dubai, October 2019.

The IHE’s desalination group was represented by:

  • Dr. Sergio Salinas
  • Dr. Nirajan Dhakal
  • Motasem Abushaban, MSc
  • Mohanad Abunada, MSc
Group photo with IHE alumni (fltr): Dr. Sergio Salinas, Dr. Tarek Waly, Mohanad Abunada, Dr. Nirajan Dhakal, Dr. Victor Yangali, Motasem Abushaban

The Microbial Desalination Cell pilot stack construction is on track toward the first demonstration site in Denia, Spain, this year!

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